Thursday, July 15, 2010

The adventures of the Brunyis in the Tro Tro

Today was an amazing day. We all had a very wonderful time teaching and learning with the students. Everyone is becoming very comfortable with teaching in Ghana. The students love spending time with us and we love spending time with them.
This afternoon, we went back to the school and had a walking tour of the village. Our tour guides were older students from the school. It was such an eye opening experience for many of us. It was different to see the children outside of the classroom. We started off with four guides. Throughout our journey in the village we all had about 20 children following us. It was great to see the struggles and blessings that each child faces outside of school. With each turn walking the dirt roads and narrow pathways we never knew what was around the corner.
We had a wonderful evening with our friend Agatha. She is so full of wisdom and love. We enjoyed listening to here and learning. Our day was filled with many new experiences. We all received a new way to view the lives of each one of our students.

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