Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our last day at home :(

Tonight is our last night at FairHill :( we are so sad! We are excited to see our friends and families but will truly miss living here in Cape Coast.

Today was Jessica's 21st birthday!!! After breakfast, she returned to her room to find a birthday banner on her door. When she opened the door her room was full of balloons; 21 of them had things that we love about Jessica written on them! There was also a beautiful cake and ice cream for her at lunch. ;)

This morning we visited St. Cyprian's School in Efutu Village. This is a public school and more rural than Tuwohofo-Holly. Mr. Baidoo's daughter is a teacher at this school and Dr. Clerico wanted us to observe a school with very few resources. They were awaiting our visit with a few of the students dressed up traditionally, and these students danced for us. The rest of the school sang songs to welcome us. We visited each classroom and taught them a few songs of our own; such as: a toody-ta, 5 little monkeys and the chicken dance. ;)

We spent the afternoon packing and preparing for tomorrow. A few of us visited the local daycare and the rest of us went to the market. It was a relaxing afternoon. :)

We ate dinner at the Baidoo's and Mr. Baidoo always goes over the top. He had a wonderful meal prepared for all of us. After dinner, we enjoyed each others company and, of course, played some cards.

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