Saturday, July 24, 2010

"The chief wore MY shoes!!!"

Photos...check it out:

We began the morning with breakfast on the porch as usual. We stopped to pick up Dr. Nancy Lundgren on our way to Abaasa Village. We fell in LOVE with her house. It was a quaint house in an isolated area. The house had handmade doors and furniture. Lush tropical foliage surrounded Nancy's house with bamboo fencing. She even had her own private study and two cute dogs that she had brought over from the states. (The dogs were Amber's favorite part)

Abaasa Village was our next stop. It was the most rural area that we have seen thus far. It was obvious that the children do not have many encounters with foreigners. The children were so precious. Many of them were very reserved and soft spoken. They loved having their picture taken. We were able to see the recently built Methodist Church. Three years prior it was just a thatched roof and bamboo poles; now it is a concrete block structure with a green steel roof. Seeing a more rural area was definitely an interesting comparison and a huge eye opener.

A few of us ran back by Antoinette's Drum Shop to purchase our drums. We spent some time at Fair Hill resting and playing cards. We have gotten so close as a group. :) For dinner, we had Chicken and Red-Red, a favorite for the majority of our group.

We met for our reflection seminar tonight and discussed how what we learned about ourselves and about teaching since we have been in Ghana. Reflecting on these things shows how much we have learned from this trip.

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