Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"No chickens in the library!!!"

Today was our first day of teaching and an overall success! We all had a great time teaching and learning how to monitor and adjust! We all laughed when chickens and chicks walked into the classroom while they were teaching. Recess is a highlight of many peoples days. We love interacting with the students singing songs and playing with them.
After teaching we went to the market. Visitors do not attend this market it is mainly for the locals. Many of us enjoyed the faces of the people when Dr. C handed out pictures to them. The pictures were from three years ago during his last visit. They gave us warm welcome smiles and promised that if we came back to take care of us.
We ended the evening with a beautiful meal with Mr. Baidoo and his brother Thomas. We all attempted to learn more Fante. An overall successful day.


  1. We are enjoying reading the BLOG everyday! Thank you so much for keeping all of us up to date. Everything you are experiencing is so exciting. Continue to pray for you all for God's blessing on you.

  2. Elizabeth,
    Your grandmother shared your blog with me and I chuckled when I saw the words "monitor and adjust". Those two words will dominate your career as an educator because no two days will be the same. We M & A hourly. I am so excited for you to have this experience. Enjoy and absorb like a sponge everything you can about this culture.
    Lori Grant
    Rock Hill, SC

  3. I am sooo extreamly happy and so excited for all of you! I wuld have loved to have witnessed the chickens in the classroom! Think I will get that next year? Love all of you and lifting each of you up to our Lord.

    -Clair :D