Saturday, July 10, 2010

"You are from the Banana Republic? I know someone from there!"

Today was another exciting day in Accra! We started out the day at the batik shop where we learned how to make batik cloth. We each got to help in making a cloth by stamping the motif (stamp carved in foam) dipped in wax onto the cloth. Then we were able to observe the cloth being dyed. The product was a beautiful violet cloth which we will all be able to have a piece of. After making the cloth, many of us placed an order to have dresses and skirts made. We made a quick stop before lunch at the coffin maker's shop. In Ghana, people are sometimes buried in coffins that represent their occupation or their passion. For example, the coffin maker was working on a preacher's coffin and he designed it in the shape of a Bible. We saw coffins in the shape of crabs, roosters, cigarette boxes, beer bottles, and airplanes. They were all very interesting to look at, and we couldn't believe that this artwork is put underground.

We then had lunch at the Next Door Restaurant. It was located right on the beach and the view was absolutely gorgeous. After lunch we went to the Cultural Arts Center which is a local market. It was quite the experience! Many of us had our first opportunity at bargaining. The locals are very persistent and wanted to show you all they have to sell. Almost every shop owner uses this phrase to persuade you to come in, "It is free to look. No charge for looking!". There were multiple proposals and interacting with the people was intriguing . Lindsey wore a shirt that says Banana Republic, and several people asked if that was where she was from. And one person said he actually knew someone from there. :) We feel like the experience cannot be described with only words.

We came back to the hotel to rest for a little while, and then we went to dinner at La Paloma restaurant. Many of us tried goat for the first time! Some of us enjoyed it, others did not, but it was worth the experience!

Tomorrow we head for Cape Coast after church. We can't wait to see what is in store for us there!

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  1. Goat???? Not for me, thanks! I hope you are all having a wonderful, fun, educational experience! You are all in my prayers for a safe trip with memories for a lifetime. God bless you.
    Marsha Humphreys
    PS: Hi, Elizabeth and Lindsey! :)