Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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This morning we headed to Tuwohofo Holly for our last day of teaching. Every morning we take a moment to ponder over whether we have left anything. This morning was no different, but we obviously did not ponder long enough :) Right before we pulled into school, we heard a loud gasp from the back seat. Jenn had forgotten her fake snow that she had worked so hard to get and prepare for her lessons today. She put so much thought into this. She ordered her fake snow from Alaska so that she could share this experience with her students. Dr. Clerico saved the day and went back to Fairhill to get the snow for her.

Our last day of teaching was difficult. We all had such a hard time telling the students goodbye. They are so precious! There were a few tears on the tro-tro ride home.

After school we headed to Fair Hill for a quick lunch of mac and cheese :o) Then we were on our way to Kakum Rainforest Canopy Walk. It was extraordinary to be that high up in the forest. The only thing holding us up were ropes and aluminum ladders and we were 100 feet in the air.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Hans Cottage Botel. ( No, not hotel...botel...whatever that is) We all had the opportunity to touch a crocodile. It was scary and exciting at the same time! The restaurant was also surrounded by a crocodile pond with beautiful weaver birds in the trees. It was a peaceful evening.

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