Monday, July 26, 2010

"She's behind the boy in the green shirt!"...."Amber, they're all wearing green"

Today was one of the best days in Ghana. We spent the morning at Cape Deaf. This is a residential school for the deaf and blind. The children were absolutely amazing. Our hearts filled with joy and appreciation when the children gave us names in sign language. We walked around to the various classrooms introducing ourselves and signing with the students. We watched a blind student read in Braille. It was heart warming to see the heights they achieved in a developing country. The students performed a dancing and drumming ceremony. Our eyes looked in amazement as the blind children sang and played the drums. Through the vibrations of the drums we saw a unbelievable sight as the deaf students danced to the music. We all had our chance to dance with the children and share some unforgettable moments. Amber's moment was especially unforgettable. These children are truly spectacular.

After lunch we went to a library dedication for Tuwohofo Holly International School. It was such a blessing to see all the books that were donated and placed on beautiful shelves. These books will give the children a chance to soar to new heights. It was so wonderful to see our students who we now call our childern and appreciation the blessing they are to us. We left and toured Wesley Girls' High School. The prefects that gave us the tour were friendly and inspirational. The campus was beautiful. At FairHill Guest House we enjoyed our last supper. With wishful hearts we hoped this would not be the last at FairHill but only the beginning.

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