Friday, July 16, 2010

I can't believe we picked up a British traveler!

This morning we left Fairhill around 8:00 am to come to Kumasi. We stopped about two and a half hours into our drive to visit the Obuasi Gold Mine. We had to put on big boots, a safety belt, and a hard hat before we could go into the mine. We started 500 feet below the ground and walked down to about 800 feet below the ground. It was all very interesting. We got to see some classrooms underground where miners learn their skills. It was fun because we felt like actual miners wearing our outfits. We got to see a gold ore that the tour guide described as big enough to make us all rich.

Right before we left the gold mine to go to Kumasi, we met a guy from Great Britain who had been traveling in Ghana for five weeks. He needed a ride to Kumasi so he just rode with us! It was very random but we enjoyed learning a little about London.

We arrived in Kumasi around 4:30 and checked in to our hotel. We enjoyed a nice dinner here at the hotel, and we are all excited about exploring Kumasi tomorrow!

We have posted a few more pictures from Brenu Beach on Wednesday. The link is below. You will have to copy and paste it.

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  1. This is wonderful! I didn't know you were doing a blog until yesterday. I am so proud of all of you for spending your time teaching and learning in Ghana. CSU is blessed to have you as students, and Dr. Clerico as a professor who puts his faith in action in Ghana.

    Dr. Harper