Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Oh there are the fish gills!"

It was a very emotional day. We began by enjoying our last breakfast together at FairHill. Then we heard the tro-tro pull up. Our driver, Dominic, brought his son, Samuel, to meet his father's "brunyis". (that's us) We gave him a few treats, including a small soccer ball, and he loved it!

We pulled up at Tuwohofo with a massive amount of students awaiting our arrival. We went straight to the library and found many students reading the newly donated books. It was moving to see the students enjoying the books. A few of us quickly teared up as we read to the students and observed them reading books on their own.

Then the Farewell Ceremony began. Mr. Baidoo went all out once again! There were tents set up in between the two buildings and the local radio station was there. Speeches were made and gifts were presented. Each one of us received a strip of Kente cloth and Dr. Clerico was presented with a 12 yard cloth, the traditional male African attire. The level 1 teacher sang a Farewell Song to the teachers. She couldn't make it through the song and broke down into tears. The rest of us followed her lead and began crying. Saying goodbye was so difficult. Many of the students were crying and all of us were crying. It was so emotional. The students who were not crying kept repeating, "Don't cry madam. Don't cry, you make me sad and make me cry." We even learned how to say don't cry in Fante, "Men so".

Eventually, we all made it back into the tro-tro. We went back to FairHill to enjoy our last lunch on the patio. We said our goodbyes to the staff, which was also very hard. We have developed a close relationship with them and cherish their friendships. A few of the cooks started crying when our bus pulled away.

We were so sad to leave Cape Coast, but very excited to see Fuseini! We rode in the bus back to Accra. We enjoyed a wonderful meal at the Sun Lodge Hotel. The girls went for a quick swim. We are all having mixed emotions about going home. To quote Dr. Clerico, "I want to go home. But I don't want to leave."

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