Monday, July 12, 2010

"What happens in the tro tro stays in the tro tro"

This morning we had an AMAZING breakfast here at Fair Hill Guest House. The cooks are so wonderful! They prepared a huge bowl of fruit, which by the way is the fruit is much better in Ghana. Along with scrambled eggs and toast. The eggs are white here; it is so different! (but yummy)

After breakfast, we hopped in to our own personal tro tro. A tro tro is a fifteen passenger van that is a form of public transportation in Ghana. It is very economical and cheap, therefore, this is a main source of transportation. We went to the Tuwohofo-Holly International School for a first opportunity to meet the teachers and students that we will be working with for the next two weeks.

Many of us were overwhelmed with emotions upon arriving. The experience was truly humbling. The had songs prepared for us and had one child dressed in African attire that delivered roses to our team. They were so excited to have us there and they haven't even met some of us.

We split up into partners and took the opportunity to visit several of the classrooms. Spending time with the children was so enjoyable. They all wanted to touch us, to talk to us and just be near us. None of us wanted to leave. We can't wait to start teaching tomorrow!!!

Afterward, we explored Cape Coast and did a little shopping Elmina Castle. Our group is full of great shoppers ;)

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