Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teaching and LEARNING and LEARNING and LEARNING in Ghana

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As you can tell we learned a lot today! We began out day by teaching at Tuwohofo Holly International School. We played with the children at recess, as always, but today we taught them the chicken dance! They truly enjoyed learning a new dance. They are also teaching us new things such as: Fante, the local language and ampe, a game played by Ghanaian girls.

After teaching we came back to Fair Hill for a quick lunch and rested before our drumming and dancing lessons. Antoinette, a friend of Dr. Clerico, brought a group of drummers and dancers to Fair Hill. We watched them perform traditional dances to the beat of the drums. We were exhausted just watching the performers; then it was our turn. We learned two songs, one corresponds with the day of the week in which an individual was born and the other is a traditional Ghanaian song.

These are the words we sang:
Call: Eneme ma Koole
Yesu metro na
gbedo oo (2x)

Adlip: gbede gbede

Response: Eneme ma Koole
Yesu metro na
gbedo oo (2x)

This is the meaning of the words:

Jesus is great. That's why we worship him.

After singing, we learned some cultural dance movements from several different tribal groups of Ghana. Then we learned different ways to play the drum such as: strictly hands, one hand and a stick, and two sticks. A few of us were able to use drums that we had already purchased.

After our lessons in the complex rhythm patterns of Ghanaian drumming, three of us headed straight to the kitchen to learn how to make Jollof Rice. The meal turned out fabulous!!! Tomorrow is our last day of teaching :( We are excited about the day but will definitely miss our kids!

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