Monday, July 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home :)

Yesterday, we went to Lake Bosomtwi on our way back to Cape Coast. We were all excited to be back to our African "home"! The internet was really slow so we skipped the blog yesterday.

Today we were back in the classrooms at Tuwohofo Holly International School. We missed our kids over the weekend so we couldn't wait to get back! Everyone is feeling more comfortable teaching so we are starting to break up for a few of our lessons. Everyone's lessons went great! :o)

After teaching we ran errands around town and did a little shopping. :) A few of us joined the cooks at Fair Hill for a lesson on making Red-red, a Ghanaian dish. It was so fun getting to know the cooks better and our meal turned out delicious.

Can't wait for another day of teaching!!!! We have posted some more pictures and will be adding ones from today soon! Check it out:


  1. Just looked at all the pictures... they are great! My favorites were of everyone playing with the kids at recess. Looks like everything is going wonderfully. Can't wait to hear more about it at the beach, Dad!

  2. Love, love, love all of the photos!!