Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"I want a monkey on a leash!!"

This morning was another successful day in the classroom! We are all starting to feel more comfortable working with the students. We all love spending time with them in the class and during break. Today we brought some frisbees and jump ropes for the students to play with during break and they absolutely loved them! They also love it when we sing fun children songs with them. They gather around us and stare in amazement. Some join in.

We got done teaching around 12, and then came back to the guest house for a quick lunch. After lunch we went to Brenu Beach for a relaxing afternoon. On the way to the beach, we passed a man walking a monkey on a leash. We were all pretty amused at the sight, and Amber yelled out, "I want a monkey on a leash!" :) Several of us took a walk down the beach to a nearby lagoon. The view was gorgeous, and there were many shells to find along the way. On their walk, Liz and Lindsey saw a little boy climbing a coconut tree to bring coconuts down to sell. The group was able to enjoy dinner on the beach, and six of us had a delicious lobster dinner.

We are all very tired tonight. The days are so fun and so busy that by the end of the day we are all ready for bed!

We are posting a link to some pictures because we are not able to load them onto the blog. Hope you enjoy them :)

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